Today marked the first day of the 2018 session for the Colorado State Legislature and it was certainly not business as usual. First, last night, news broke that Democratic Rep. Steve Lebsock passed out a 28-page manifesto maligning his accusers and airing their dirty laundry. Word on the street is that he revealed that one of his accusers may have had an extramarital affair. We’re trying to find a copy of this thing and we’ll decide whether to publish it, but as Kyle Clark from 9News tweeted:

To be honest, we didn’t think Lebsock could possibly make this situation worse. We were wrong.

Then, there’s the issue of the MIA Governor. The Twitters said he was in NYC. It’s puzzling as the Governor almost always attends opening day. In his place was Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne, who also happens to be running for Governor this year. Whether his absence was literally a scheduling snafu (although, what in NYC is more important?) or an attempt to pass the baton to Lynne remains to be seen. We’re just glad there is an ugly primary on the left side of the aisle for once.

Then, there are the top issues at play. Coloradans are demanding the state legislature act on transportation issues. Then, there’s the massive gaping unfunded liability courtesy of PERA, that’s the pension for state employees, which promises to be a top issue at the legislature. There’s a lot at stake this legislative session.

If the first day is any indication of the rest of the session, fasten your seat belts, PeakNation™, we’re in for a wild ride.