Last April, Arizona media reported that executives Michael Lacey, James Larkin, Scott Spear, and John Brunst and their wives gave $88,200 in the 2014 election cycle to the Colorado Senate Victory Fund. As we noted in our own reporting then, the $88,200 sent to Colorado was more than half of all Backpage executives’ total state and federal contributions that year.

Who cares about Backpage, you say?

Well, here’s what a report on the disgusting dealings that Backpage enabled said:

“The editing and moderation [of illegal phrasing] practices described above make clear that Backpage knew of, and facilitated, illegal activity taking place on its website. But in addition, the Subcommittee’s investigation has revealed additional evidence showing that Backpage is acutely aware that its website facilitates prostitution and child sex trafficking.”

Here’s what we wrote at the time:

“Holy sh!t. Let us break this down for you. Essentially, the largest donors to the Democrat’s Colorado Senate Victory Fund, an arm of the State Party, in 2014 knowingly provided a platform for facilitating child sex trafficking.

“We just threw up.”

At the time, we asked the Colorado Democratic Party to return the money – or, even better, donate it to an organization to combat child trafficking. So far, the Democratic Party has been utterly (and disgustingly) silent.

Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Will today finally be the day that Democrats do the right thing and donate the tainted money to a human trafficking prevention or awareness organization? We’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but we have been asking since April, so we aren’t holding our breath.