It took Gov. Hickenlooper nearly an hour Thursday during his State of the State address to tell us how great Colorado is doing. Business is booming, flowers are blooming and everyone has health care, even if they can’t afford it.

Oh, and we need to raise taxes — also known as investments, down payments and highway robbery.

That got Democrats really excited.

Not so much though, when Hick dropped a very brief mention about sexual harassment — Colorado should not tolerate it, he instructed.

As if we’ve always willingly accepted it before now. We’re certain he was looking at the Democratic side of the aisle during that delivery.

Hick praised the closure of two coal-fired electricity plants in Pueblo and said anyone who doesn’t want to get rid of all energy that doesn’t come from the sun or wind really just hates clean air.

Then he spoke at length about love and bipartisanship.

We can’t possibly summarize the whole thing, and not just because we nodded off after the first five minutes. So if you want to read the entire novel, the Denver Post has reprinted it here.

It was Hick’s final State of the State address (Applause!), and he reports that the state of the state is in perfect harmony, all thanks to him. And government bureaucrats.

Before Hick took office, nearly 400,000 Coloradans were either unemployed or underemployed. But not anymore. Hick says “we did what Coloradans do. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work.”

And how exactly did they get down to work?

“We hosted 50 meetings and took comments from more than 13,000 people in all 64 counties.”

Government problem-solving, at its best.

Hick’s parting words included the warning that “issues can get tangled in a web of special interests.”

We’re guessing that means that we shouldn’t be surprised this legislative session when he caves to special interests like teacher unions, radical environmentalists, and other Democratic Party leaders, and give them what they want.

More taxes.