A train to Colorado’s high country ski resorts has long been the crown jewel in the left’s love affair with all things rail – regardless of the economics of such projects, or the engineering feasibility.  With talk of a possible 2026 Winter Olympic bid, bureaucrats, special interest groups, and big spending politicians see their dreams re-kindled.  Unfortunately for them, the governor threw a giant pail of cold water on their glimmering flicker of hope today.

In an interview with Fox 31 political reporter Joe St. George, Hickenlooper did not hesitate for an second when asked about a possible train to the mountains in conjunction with the awarding of the Olympic Games.  “I don’t think so” was the governor’s instantaneous response to the questions, pushing back that a similar benefit could be achieved using bus transportation.

From Change.org petitions to overpriced studies, dreamers have been chasing this unicorn for years.  While there’s no sign of that slowing down, the state’s top Democrat nixing the idea – probably because it defies common sense – can’t feel good.  But perhaps they can place hope in their probable 2018 Democrat governor nominee – we’ve never accused Jared Polis of allowing common sense to dictate.