In a hilarious faux pas this weekend, ABC News digital journalist Ali Rogin illustrated why the center of the country doesn’t trust the national mainstream media. After Colorado U.S. Senator Cory Gardner appeared on Face the Nation with a backdrop of farm implements (that’s large farm equipment to you Denver folk), Rogin demanded an explanation for the backdrop, suggesting that the equipment was some kind of “tire graveyard.” Then, even worse, she claimed not to be a car person. (smacks forehead) See below.

Fortunately, Twitter was there to set her straight. Here are a few of our favorites:

Of course, had Rogin even had an inkling about Gardner’s bio, she would have known that his family comes from Colorado’s Eastern Plains and sells such equipment. Fortunately, Gardner was a gentleman and simply explained that it’s a disc harrow used to farm, which is definitely more than she deserved. Had the boot been on the other foot, we’re pretty sure Rogin would have been happy to condescend to Gardner (or any other elected official). Hey, Ali, maybe visit a farm even once?

Score: Gardner – 1, ABCNews – 0