UPDATE: It appears that Stapleton is not the only candidate with outside money. Looks like Build Colorado’s Future has just over $100,000 on hand to support one or more Republican Governor candidates. It also looks like Robinson’s uncle, former candidate for President, Mitt Romney, is a major contributor. You can put two and two together, PeakNationā„¢.

Tonight was the reporting deadline for statewide races, and all eyes were on the Governor’s race. And, no surprise (since Colorado Politics reported on it last week), Republican state Treasurer Walker Stapleton busted records with his $750,000 haul in the first quarter of his campaign for Governor. According to Colorado Politics, the previous record was set by Democrat Mike Johnston for his $625,000 first fundraising quarter. Before that, the record was held by former Governor Bill Ritter.

While Stapleton raised the most, he’s not actually the candidate with the most cash on hand in the GOP primary. Businessman Victor Mitchell dumped $3 million into his campaign account and still (only??) has $2.1 million on hand. That’s not insignificant. Not to be outdone, Stapleton also has $750,000 in outside money and significant statewide name recognition.

Here are results from the other Republican gubernatorial candidates’ fundraising this quarter:

  • Stapleton – $750,000 (approximately)
  • Coffman – $99,866
  • Robinson – $77,814
  • Tancredo – $74,480
  • Mitchell – $4,324 (but, remember, he has $2.1 million in the bank)
  • Barlock – $1,504
  • Lopez – $2,098
  • Gaiter – $290

While the Gazette predicted that the race was between Stapleton and Tancredo, Coffman and Robinson each out raised Tancredo and Mitchell still has money to burn. The race isn’t over yet, PeakNation.