Other than the Governor’s race, the next most interesting race in this year’s election is the GOP state Treasurer’s race. In this quarter, businessman Brian Watson leads the pack with a huge haul of $179,330. He also counted $32,000 in in-kind contributions (mostly from himself) for a total of nearly $215,000. Watson is distantly followed by State Rep. Polly Lawrence, who raised $55,445. After that, the rest kind of fall off a cliff.

  • Barkey: $13,335
  • Horn: $9,285
  • Lundberg: $7,410
  • Everett: We assume zero. Submit your freaking report. UPDATE: Sorry. We were wrong. He raised $640. Almost nothing.

Perhaps the most interesting statistic in the GOP reports is that Brett Barkey, a chief deputy district attorney from Routt, Grand, and Moffat Counties, raised more than Routt County Treasurer Brita Horn. What are the chances there would be two State Treasurer candidates from Routt County? That’s basically Steamboat Springs to all you Denverites.

The Democratic candidates were comparatively weak. No surprise – nobody contributed to Rep. Steve Lebsock’s campaign, at least not after November (remember – that’s when Rep. Faith Winter accused Lebsock of inappropriate behavior). But, here is the surprise. Newcomer Charles Scheibe, State of Colorado CFO, came pretty darn close ($30,724) to State Rep. Dave Young ($34,963).

Careful, buddy. The last person who threatened Young’s pursuit of State Treasurer found himself the center of a very messy sexual harassment debacle. Just saying.