On Tuesday night, we waited and waited and waited for all the candidates to turn in campaign finance reports. We gave up on Stapleton because he already announced that he had brought in around $750,000 for his first quarter. But that wasn’t the whole story.

In addition to raising around $750,000, Stapleton also wrote a check for $250,000 for his gubernatorial campaign, bringing the money coming in the door to around $1 million.  That translates to a cash on hand number of $874,650. With fellow Republican candidate for Governor, Victor Mitchell, stroking a check for $3 million, this huge haul puts Stapleton in second place for cash on hand, but he’s well-positioned for the campaign.

As for the story behind what took so damn long to post the campaign finance report? Here’s Stapleton campaign guy Michael Fortney’s explanation:

Pretty sure we have a few of those CDs in some boxes somewhere, too, Fortney. You know, in case you need another 500 hours or so.