In case you missed it, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs announced recently that it planned to open the new hospital on August 11 and it looks like nobody is happy with the new facility. Here is just a sample of the complaints, as identified by KDVR Fox31:

“The new Aurora facility will have fewer primary examination rooms, fewer surgical beds, fewer psychiatric beds, no post-traumatic stress disorder exam facility, and fewer Patient Aligned Care Teams, who are medical professionals charged with assisting vets.

“All of this is despite the fact the new hospital is double the square footage of the current facility in Denver.”

Then, there’s the issue that the Fort Collins Coloradoan brings up – the new facility will not be complete when it opens. Seriously?

“But the deadline is ‘misleading’ because ‘many design-error corrections, renovations and final completion items that are necessary before activation have been excluded from the definition of ‘construction completion,” it said.”

How is it possible that the new hospital has twice the square footage, yet will serve fewer patients? And, it will open, but will not be finished? None of this makes sense. Actually it does. Only in government-run healthcare would this make sense. Let this be a warning to anyone who thinks that government-run healthcare is a good option. The VA and it’s frequent boondoggles are what happens when the government takes over healthcare.