Tom Steyer, who spent almost $100 million in 2016 elections in an effort that would have achieved a more productive outcome had he simply lit the money on fire in the middle of the street, is going to “invest” $30 million in the 2018 midterm elections.  The focus will be to flip 24 U.S. House seats to deliver a Democrat House majority, which would obviously enhance the standing if his far-fetched Need to Impeach advertising campaign on cable news channels.  Congressman Mike Coffman is on the targeted list. We know that CD6 Democrat candidate Levi Tillemann (Dick) already pledged to impeach Trump, but we haven’t heard from his primary opponent, Jason Crow.

Rumor has it that Steyer also wants to flip the Colorado State Senate. Good luck, buddy.

Steyer’s plan is to mobilize Millennial voters, who underperformed in voter turnout in 2016.  For some reason, Steyer thinks that non-voting Millennials will pull the lever for left-wing radicals instead of moderate Republicans in these swing districts.  Ummm, Ok.  In spite of Steyer’s massive spend with the intent of getting Millennials to the polls in 2016, Obama’s 2012 results outperformed Clinton in the Millennnial cohort by 12%.

Perhaps this is because the Millennial generation is getting older, and with that a spouse, a career, kids, house in the suburbs – you know, all those things that lay bare the miscalculations of most Democrat policies?

This all reminds us of a troubling scene from The Dark Knight where the Joker sets fire to a pile of money the size of a small house, and announces that “it’s not about money, it’s about sending a message.”  That Steyer has little regard for the wealth he has amassed is obvious by the way that he burns it on slick-talking consultants peddling failed “Millennial turnout” schemes.  Perhaps it is all about the message – to his echo chamber of foaming-at-the-mouth radicals.

This whole episode reminds us of another famous quote: “a fool and his money are soon parted.”