$1,025. That’s how much money Democratic state Rep. Steve Lebsock managed to scrimp together in four measly contributions to his statewide Treasurer campaign during the final quarter of last year.

And of the $4,428 he did spend, all but $278 went to consultants — that’s 94 percent.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out support withered after Lebsock was accused by several women of sexual harassment, and why the consulting fees were needed.

Speaking of which, a third complaint was filed this week by a former legislative aide.

The allegations by Cassie Tanner were reported by the Denver Post last year, but she didn’t file an official complaint with House leaders until this week.

She suggests she would have stayed out of the fray, but then Lebsock released a statement denying her account. The quibble seems to be whether he asked her in 2014 or 2015 to unbutton her blouse, and made lewd comments.

Lebsock denies all the allegations, and is allegedly still running for treasurer.

Which isn’t going so well for him. Here’s how the fundraising went for everyone seeking to replace Republican Walker Stapleton, who is running for governor:

$35,604 State Rep. Dave Young
$29,186 Charles Quin Scheibe
$10,525 Bernard Douthi
$1,025 State Rep. Steve Lebsock


$214,615 Brian Watson
$55,990 State Rep. Polly Lawrence
$14,254 Brett Barkley
$9,285 Routt County Treasurer Brita Horn
$7,465 State Sen. Kevin Lundberg
$5,386 State Rep. Justin Everett

Clear frontrunners are emerging, but Lebsock is not one of them. With only $9,312 cash on hand and fundraising drying up, perhaps it’s time for him to consider other job opportunities.