Last week, we reported on common sense legislation drafted by Colorado Springs lawmakers in response to the growing problem of squatters taking over homes of people who were on vacation, deployed, or between renters.  A loophole in the current law does not allow police to remove these trespassers – because of technicalities, they may not be committing a home invasion or burglary.  Don’t ask us to explain the logical gymnastics that makes this possible.

Imagine a soldier getting home from a deployment and a clan of drug addicts is encamped in his home, or snowbirds coming back to town in the spring to find homeless guys have been living in the house.  Of course these victims would call the police, but when help arrived, the cops would explain that it was a “civil matter” and there was little that they could do.

Sadly, two Democrats in the state Senate Judiciary Committee voted against closing this dangerous loophole – Sens. Rhonda Fields and Daniel Kagan.  Their reasoning is still muddled at best.  Something about homeless people taking shelter from storms…? To which Sen. Owen Hill responded, “I don’t know people who shelter from a storm who change the locks on the homeowner.” BOOM.

There is literally not a single good reason to come down on the side of these lawless destroyers, but somehow Colorado Democrats found a way.

In a world where people are continually frustrated by Democrat legislative antics – like fighting against middle class tax cuts – this is just another entry in a long line of Democrat betrayals of working class Coloradans to benefit bad – and honestly criminal – behavior. Shame on Sens. Fields and Kagan.