If someone wants to give us a$1,000, we will accept with glee. Apparently, Democrats must be much richer than we are because, according to Democrats, the $1,000 bonuses that employers are doling out as a result of the Republicans’ corporate tax overhaul are insignificant. In fact, Nancy Pelosi, recently called the bonuses “crumbs.”

The, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (is she still in Congress?) noted that she didn’t believe that $1,000 goes very far for anyone. Where do Democrats, like Levi Tillemann (Dick) and Jason Crow come down on this issue? Is $1,000 crumbs or is it actually meaningful to them? Colorado is waiting for an answer.

We know that Pelosi is much richer than the average Coloradan and we suspect that Wasserman Schultz might be, too. So, we’ll help these ladies out. Any family that received a $1,000 bonus is thrilled. Here’s what that might pay for:

  • Two months of gas for a commuter with an SUV
  • Two months of food for a family of four without teenage boys
  • A mortgage payment for a $250,000 house

Seems like a pretty good deal to us. But Democrats are disgustingly desperate. This tax break hugely benefits middle class families. And that terrifies Democrats, who like to pretend that they alone are advocates for the middle class. But, let’s be honest, it’s pretty tough to advocate for an entire group of people about which you have no clue.