A left wing blog that prides itself on “speaking truth to power” on the Democratic news of the day is slamming journalists and Republicans in order to defend Hickenlooper’s most recent gaffe on the state’s bid for Amazon’s second headquarters.

We weren’t surprised they took a shot at us, the “right-wing blog” that “slammed Hickenlooper for jeopardizing Denver’s chances of ‘landing the golden egg of economic development.’”

The website, 50 Shades of Blue, also criticized the director of the Republican Governors Association for calling Hick out on his statement that he would be relieved if we weren’t chosen because then he wouldn’t have to work so hard.

But what surprised us is the lefties also took a shot at the Denver Post for even reporting what the governor said, and other journalists for tweeting the governor’s remarks.

Then, they headed over the cliff and said Hickenlooper didn’t go far enough and should have complained even more about Amazon. So they did it for him.

They criticized Colorado for even offering a package with tax incentives when Denver has rampant, ugly growth and pointed to a study of social media, of all things, to suggest no one here wants Amazon.

Another study in Ohio where Amazon employs 6,000 out of 12 million people found that 1 in 10 residents were on food stamps. Not employees, but residents. As if Amazon is responsible for the entire state.

Oh yeah, and Jeff Bezos is rich, they complain.

The last time we checked, poor people don’t own companies that can employ 50,000. We’re not impressed or swayed by their argument. If anything, it just shows that Hickenlooper was only showing his true colors.