Well, this is shocking. Rumor has it that former Congressman Tom Tancredo was exiting the Republican gubernatorial race. Today, we confirmed it with the man himself. Here is what he told the Peak this afternoon:

“We knew that unless I could raise a substantial amount of money, there would be no way to overcome what the media, establishment Republicans, and Polis millions would do to us. We therefore set what we thought would be a very modest threshold of $150,000 raised by our campaign by January 15. We raised half of that. As I’ve said on many occasions I have no desire to win the primary, and lose the general. The stakes are too high.”

He’s right, you know. On all accounts.

Tancredo should be commended for this selfless act. Other politicians might have stayed in the race to feed their egos, but Tancredo saw the writing on the wall (or, the tsunami of Polis’ cash). If you know Tom or see him around, give him a slap on the back and maybe buy him a drink. It takes a really big man to be in the top spot in polling, to look at the big picture, and bow out.

This story is still developing….