Today, Democrats Rep. Dave Young (also running for State Treasurer) and Sen. Irene Aguilar held an event to decry “continuing efforts in the White House and Congress to undermine Connect for Health Colorado and the state’s health care system,” according to Colorado Politics.

Blahahahahahahahahahahaha. Deep breath. Hahahahahahahahaha.

Young and Aguilar think the White House and Republicans are undermining Connect for Health Colorado?

Here’s the secret. Neither Trump nor any Republican elected official needs to undermine this farcical marketplace. Connect for Health Colorado is quite adept at undermining itself. First and foremost, government-run health anything is simply not compatible with the basic laws of economics, so there’s that. Second, that Connect for Health Colorado refused to comply with requests for detailed audits in combination with the fact that required minimal audits found the program to be rife with fraud, waste, mismanagement, and unchecked spending further undermined the program. Then, there’s all the customer service issues and more.

As much as Young and Aguilar want this to be Republicans’ fault, government-run healthcare of any sort is a decidedly Democratic idea. Nice try, guys, but this is on you.