This is the face of someone who hates the middle class success.

What’s so bad about historically low black and Hispanic unemployment? About the defeat of ISIS?  About tax cuts and bonuses for the middle class? We don’t know. Ask a Democrat. President Trump announced positive things happening – that had nothing to do with partisan politics, mind you – and Democrats couldn’t have been less interested and, in some cases, looked downright nasty.

Consider Democrats’ dour demeanors the faces that launched a thousand mid-term campaign ads.

Perhaps Jon Gabriel at Ricochet best summed it up:

“Whether Trump heralded the stock market, employee bonuses, or the destruction of ISIS, glowering Democrats remained the evening’s most consistent theme. It’s understandable for progressives to sit on their hands for conservative jurists, the Second Amendment, and cutting regulations, but again and again they fumed at America’s very success.”

It’s a sad state of affairs indeed when Democrats cannot even join Republicans in celebrating the idea that people in America are getting ahead. Shame on Democrats for putting partisan above the basic (and now met) needs of Americans.

Oh, and the by the way, this is going to come back to bite Democrats’ in the donkey. Post-SOTU polling shows that 70%+ of viewers approved of Trumps speech. American people’s success? Not something to pout about. Trump’s turnaround act tonight? Something to pout about.