This morning, Republicans released a memo that showed that there were surveillance abuses in the beginning of the FBI investigation that alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Democrats can’t decide if the release is worthy of condemnation or if it’s a big nothingburger.

The much-disputed memo from House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes claims that former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe told the committee that a surveillance warrant would not have been pursued to spy on a Trump campaign staffer without the opposition research dossier from the Clinton campaign.

PeakNation™, if this is true, this is a very big deal. The gist is that there is a possibility that the FBI and Clinton campaign colluded to take down a political opponent. Someone should explain how this is different from Watergate because we aren’t seeing it.

But what’s so interesting is that Democrats are so confused around the messaging for this important issue. Former FBI Director James Comey is Team Nothingberger, saying “that’s it?” and calling the memo “dishonest and misleading.” Here’s what Colorado’s Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Bennet said about the memo:

“It is the sacred duty of elected officials to put the interests of our country ahead of their own political fate. Anyone who does not see that this is a concerted effort to distort the record, and ultimately undermine the incontrovertible reputation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the credibility of his investigation, is failing to uphold that duty…..”

And another Democrat went so far as to suggest that the media not cover this bombshell.

These talking points are just that – talking points. This isn’t an effort to distort anyone or anything. The folks working at the FBI have done enough of that themselves.

The idea that a political campaign could influence an FBI investigation to that extent is truly disturbing. This story is developing, but Democrats should tread lightly with their criticism of this memo. If it is proven true, egg’s on their faces. Either way, the U.S. Inpsector General is getting involved, so hopefully there will be resolution soon.