Cynthia Coffman

Speculation abounds that Attorney General Cynthia Coffman will have a tough time petitioning her way onto the June ballot to run in the Republican primary for governor.

GOP consultant Dick Wadhams tells Joey Bunch that a candidate needs a strong organization and at least $250,000 for a successful effort.

The problem for Coffman, is that she only has about $85,000 in the bank — that’s about $15,000 more than Tom Tancredo had when he stepped out of the race because he wasn’t raising the money he needed to run an effective campaign.

Meanwhile, the other three candidates going the petition route clearly have raised the money to do so.

Walker Stapleton still has $875,000 from his fundraising efforts on hand and Victor Mitchell donated $3 million of his own money to boost his campaign. Also, Doug Robinson has $425,000 in the bank.

If Coffman is serious about this campaign route, she needs to whip her campaign into high gear and hit warp speed on her fundraising effort.