The Denver 6 ended their sit-in Friday at U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s office after 44 hours, and declared their efforts to sit and chat on Facebook on behalf of dreamers everywhere a success.

We can only take their word for it, because they had to turn off the live feed when they met with a Bennet staffer to end the sit-in. It builds trust when meetings aren’t recorded, the staffer told the activists.

The Denver 6 demands were that Bennet vote no on the budget that also lifted the sequestration spending caps and suspend the debt ceiling. They also want him to go to some meetings and support the passage of a stand-alone “dream act” by March 5.

Bennet released a statement that he only voted against the budget because it spent too much money, a flimsy excuse for a Democrat.

The born again fiscal conservative didn’t even mention the dreamers’ cause in his official statement or the sit-in at his office.

But he did tweet them a message:

On the final morning, we watched as the cell phone camera streamed the Denver 6 sitting action live on Facebook.

There were stretches of time when the camera pointed at a blank wall or painting in order for coffee cups to magically appear.

There were hours of giggling and staring at cell phones, but things livened up a bit when the ladies tried to find a girlfriend for the lone male protestor on Facebook. And every so often, they would recite their demands.

Luckily for them, Bennet already supported their cause.