Is this how liberals expect the military to return ballots?


Colorado earned a B in election security in a report released by the Center for American Progress — a liberal advocacy group.

Why not an A? We lost points for allowing the military to vote while stationed overseas, via email or fax.

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams was crowing about the kudos the state received otherwise for security measures taken, including an after-election audit.

But, Williams said in a statement he strongly disagreed with the group’s opposition to email and fax ballots, even though the liberals acknowledged the state has safeguards in place for this practice.

“They don’t believe someone who works on a submarine should be allowed to vote,” Williams said. “We do.”

Instead, the liberal groups suggest those ballots be returned in person.

We’re at a loss. Their stupidity is astounding.

Perhaps they think the Navy SEALS can swim ballots ashore, hand them off to Army paratroopers who can parachute into Colorado to drop off the ballots?

You can bet that if the military historically voted Democrat instead of Republican, the Center for American Progress would not have a problem with it.