As Denver Business Journal reporter Ed Sealover is reporting this week, Good Business Colorado, a consortium of more than 50 “liberally minded business owners” recently formed to stake out anti-business positions on legislation because…um, we’re not really sure.

A focus for Good Business Colorado is the ill-conceived Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act, which would force small businesses to scramble for months to accommodate employees who decided not to come to work for a wide variety of reasons.  Variants of this disastrous law have been trotted out in the past, only to fail because they are terribly damaging to the thousands of entrepreneurs who risk their own livelihoods and capital to create jobs and hire people.

Mainstream organizations such as the Colorado Society of Human Resource Management (we all know how hard-right conservative those HR people are, right?) came out against it because the law would be “unduly burdensome on small businesses in terms of compliance, operations, and financially.” The bill would be so harmful to business that this is the first time that the Colorado chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management has taken a formal position on legislation, according to a press release.

Nothing is stopping these tolerant liberal business owners from enacting paid family leave in their businesses.  We wonder just how many are actually doing so?