We have a new enemy bent on the destruction of Colorado’s snowy mountains, the ski industry, and our water supply.

It’s not just climate change anymore, but cattle ranchers and their dirty, dusty ways.

That’s according to CU Boulder ecologist Jane Zelikova (she studies climate change) and her new mockumentary film called “The End of Snow.”

What’s killing snow this year in the Southwest region, is dust blown in from Arizona and Utah that she says is caused by grazing cattle.

This movie review suggests the film is not so much about snow, but how to stop cattle in other states from stirring up dust that coats our snow and causes it to melt faster.

It’s not a warming climate that causes snow to melt, like spring, but cows, the film instructs.

And if dust kills snow too early, then folks in Colorado won’t have snow runoff in the spring, when we really need the water, she reasons.

It’s the beginning of the BLM-free cattle diet movement. Mark our words.