Last night, Colorado House Democrats on the State Affairs Committee killed a bill that would have allowed teachers to conceal carry in schools. The left just about lost its mind over this bill, making it seem like Republicans wanted to force teachers to carry guns. That’s just silly and the media should call the left out on its misinformation campaign. The bill failed (no surprise) on a party line vote – 6-3.

Nonetheless, the left ignored pleas by victims of perhaps the best-known school shooting, Columbine, which happened right here in Colorado. Colorado Politics reporter Joey Bunch shared one Columbine survivor’s emotional testimony asking that teachers who choose and who are trained be allowed to carry guns to defend themselves and their classrooms against mentally ill murderers, like at Parkland last week.

Wow. The sponsor of the bill, House Minority Leader Patrick Neville, attended Columbine at the time of the massacre. When talking about his bill, this is what he said:

What’s the harm in simply allowing a teacher to carry? The vast majority won’t, but those that do will be trained. Remember folks, don’t listen to the victims or experts, Democrats know best when it comes to restricting freedoms.