A national lurch leftward by prominent Democrat candidates seems to be bleeding over into Colorado politics these days.  Just this past weekend, longtime U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein failed to gain the support of the California Democratic Party, as she is fighting off a challenge from the far left.  We know, we were shocked too. We thought she was the far left. Not anymore. Clearly.

Kevin de Leon, the current President Pro Tempore of the California Senate, has a background as a community organizer and sponsors a wide range of left-wing social issues in the California legislature. Feinstein’s action that earned her this challenge: simply stating that Trump could possibly become a good president if he could “learn and change.”

De Leon, who is actually named Kevin Anthony Leon, but according to Wikipedia created the name Kevin de Leon to “use professionally,” has sponsored numerous gun control measures, such as requiring fingerprints to purchase ammo, and to get a permit to buy ammunition.  He also gained notoriety for a 2014 news conference when he held a firearm and made nonsensical statements such as announcing this weapon could fire thirty rounds in one half of one second, and that it had a “thirty caliber clip.”

These are the geniuses that Democrats activists, in massive numbers, are propping against so-called moderate members of their party such as Feinstein.  Colorado is not immune to this behavior, as evidenced in their primary for governor.

Jared Polis, who is promoting radical positions out of line with mainstream Colordoans such as the elimination of fossil fuels from the state’s energy mix, implementation of single-payer health care (which was soundly defeated by Colorado voters a few years ago), and the banning of fracking (when convenient for him), seems to have taken a strong lead over more mainstream Democrats.

What may fly in California, a state long ago lost to the left, is not likely to fly in Colorado, where voters still demand common sense solutions to problems that really impact a majority of the state’s voters, such as jobs, families, and our economy. Then again, carry on, Democrats. We’re not here to stop you from tripping over your own feet.