Say what? Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper told NPR that teachers wouldn’t be any good at shooting. We know a few teachers who would disagree entirely. Here is what Hickenlooper said:

“I think we’ve got to look at everything on the table, but certainly raising the age where people — where kids — can buy automatic weapons, looking at universal background checks — some of this basic blocking and tackling makes a lot more sense, of really getting that in place, before you start talking about trying to arm people who really in many cases aren’t cut out for it,” the Democrat said in an interview Tuesday morning on National Public Radio. “This is not something they’d be good at.”

Besides the fact that he misstated the law as no person, much less a kid, can buy automatic weapons (legally), this is really offensive to teachers who are good at shooting and do want to be armed. No proposal is requiring teachers be armed. Most proposals suggest that teachers be trained extensively. Frankly, most teachers who would be interested in this option are probably fairly good marksmen anyway.

Hick may disagree with arming teachers, but he doesn’t have to insult them while doing so.