Well, this is a blast from the past. When Denver Mayor Michael Hancock apologized earlier this week for sending racy text messages to a policy officer in his protective detail, we bet he didn’t expect the scandal around whether he was or wasn’t a client of a prostitution ring in Denver to resurface. In addition to everyone’s shock and awe that he would misbehave so shortly after surviving that scandal, Westword’s Patty Calhoun has delivered another jaw dropper. Calhoun reached out to the man at the center of the scandal Scottie Ewing about the Mayor’s…indiscretions.

Here’s the kicker – Ewing, who used to own Denver Players, actually lectured Hancock. Oh, this is rich. Here’s his statement to Calhoun. Because nothing we say can possibly top this one. From Westword:

“This evening my phone, texts, and messenger was suddenly inundated with links to the latest Hancock bullshit. I liken Hancock to a guy like Anthony Weiner. He’s smart enough to not hire an escort again, however, he lacks the self control and resorts to sexual harassment via text…. What a fool. A man flirts for ONE reason, and that’s to get laid, or perhaps just to be a creeper.

“The irony is, all these years I was in the sex biz surrounded by young, beautiful girls; not once did any escort, phone girl, bartender, waitress or staff member ever accuse me of or associate me with sexual harassment. Who’s got better character and is more honest? Hancock is married with kids and is the BOSS of Denver. His wife deserves better. This is further proof through behavioral patterns he was indeed a customer despite the successful efforts to hide and squash the evidence. He deserves to be humiliated again. If this isn’t clear evidence of a Weiner-like pattern, I don’t know what is. I stand by my records, the escort(s) that saw him, and my facts. He was a customer of mine, period. Thanks, Michael, for the delayed validation.” [Emphasis added by Peak]

Wow. Nothing like getting a moral smackdown from a guy who used to run a prostitution ring. Amazing.