Throughout now-expelled Democratic State Rep. Steve Lebsock’s “trial,” he insisted that Democrats’ pursuit of him was just a part of their nefarious plot to take back the Senate.

The narrative goes something like this: Lebsock was among the most conservative of Democrats and, thus, annoying to them, was running against a super party insider for state Treasurer, and was, in fact, inappropriate anyway, so he was expendable. Democrats would sacrifice and make an example of Lebsock, and, then, demand similar treatment for any Republican accused of sexual harassment – particularly those in the state Senate where Republicans hold the majority by a slim one-seat margin.

Many dismissed his claims as a man desperate to fight back against the allegations against him. Grasping at straws, if you will.

But after the way Democrats reacted yesterday by calling on the Senate to do the same just minutes after Lebsock was ousted, we have to wonder if he wasn’t on to something here. Here is State Democratic Party Morgan Carroll’s response shortly after the House voted to expel Lebsock:

Perhaps Ms. Carroll has forgotten that there are still questions about Democratic members in the House outstanding. It’s curious that she would jump so quickly to demanding that the state Senate expel its own members when she still has some mess of her own to clean up. Not to mention, the reason that Lebsock was expelled was because of the way he retaliated. That is not true of others. If Morgan Carroll thinks this is some kind of path to retaking the Senate, she is sorely mistaken.