It’s so strange. Two of Colorado’s biggest lefties, Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts and liberal CD6 candidate Levi Tillemann Dick, are adopting the same talking points on personal protection and guns. It’s almost like someone distributed talking points to get everyone on message or something.

First, we bring you Levi Tillemann (Dick), who is running in a Democratic primary to replace Mike Coffman. Good luck with that. Here’s what he said at a campaign townhall, courtesy of Revealing Politics:

Here’s what Vile Monster Shannon Watts said to her audience on Twitter:

For the record, that’s a choice. We’re glad that Watts feels safe with a dog protecting her. It’s too bad she and Tillemann Dick can’t respect women’s choices. It’s almost like rape whistle enthusiast Joe Salazar, the most misogynistic member of the Colorado State House.