The Colorado Latino Forum hosted a #TimesUpHancock rally on the steps of Denver City Hall to protest the lack of accountability that Mayor Michael Hancock and city councilmen have displayed following the revelation that Hancock sent sexually explicit texts to a subordinate who was part of his security detail. The issue? Why do Democrats have one policy condemning sexual harassment in the state House and another (or lack of one) in the Mayor’s office?

Kyle Clark opened the piece with a brief, but devastating monologue, saying:

“I scanned the crowd gathered on the steps of City Hall today, the people proclaiming that Mayor Hancock must resign for sexually harassing a police officer. I was specifically looking for the power Democrats that had condemned rogue state Representative Steve Lebsock for sexual harassment. These same political heavyweights now leaning on Senate Republicans to expel their accused harassers. I could not find then at the Hancock Must Go rally. I mean, not a one appears to have carried over their condemnation of sexual harassment to Denver’s most powerful Democrat.”


Kyle Clark is right. Where is the condemnation for the man accused of frequenting prostitutes, arguably a crime that harms women? For the man who asked his security detail if she had ever taken pole dancing lessons? Why are Democrats so focused on Republicans when there are so many in their ranks that still need punishment or rehabilitation or expulsion or some combination of the three? Or, shorter, where the hell is Morgan Carroll in the Hancock saga?

Watch the clip below or on 9News. There are no answers as to where Morgan Carroll might be. Our guess? Democrats like Hancock, unlike Lebsock, who was probably a little too right-leaning in terms of policy for their liking. Democrats’ real target? Republicans who were elected last election cycle. It’s true – every single Republican is in the infancy of their most recent term (in comparison to others). Another commonality? At one point in their election (either 2012 or 2016) won their election by less than 55 percent. Don’t believe us? Look yourself.