The Sierra Club’s endorsement of Jason Crow in the campaign to unseat U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman just goes to prove the so-called environmental group doesn’t really care about its purported mission to save the planet, it’s merely an arm of the Democratic Party.

That’s why the Sierra Club doesn’t bother with little details, like a candidate’s environmental record, when it comes time to give away money and endorsements.

Their strategy is to back the Democrat most likely to win a primary election and defeat a Republican. In the 6th Congressional District, they think that Democrat will be Crow, a lawyer with Holland & Hart.

Does it matter that Crow’s legal record includes the defense of an energy company against charges that it was killing migratory birds?

Not to the Sierra Club.

What about the other Democrat in the race, clean energy expert Levi Tillemann who once worked for the Energy Department as an advisor to climate champion Barack Obama? The candidate with actual environmental street cred?

Tillemann is calling foul on the endorsement.

“At first I thought this was a headline from The Onion,” Tillemann, the author of a book about transitioning automobiles to clean energy sources, told Colorado Politics. “The Sierra Club is endorsing a white collar, criminal defense lawyer who has literally defended frackers? I’ve spent my entire life building out the clean energy agenda. Some endorsements are won. Others are bought. Clearly, this falls into the second category.”

In this case, Tillemann is right. The Sierra Club is more interested in getting Democrats elected to Congress than saving birds.