The presidential election is still two years away, but already it’s old news that Gov. Hickenlooper is thinking/dreaming/plotting to maybe run for the White House.

However, there’s a couple of take-aways in the latest Denver Post article about Hick “inching” his way towards a run that we find interesting.

Not only are state Democratic operatives dreaming of a Hickenlooper presidency, they’re tossing more names at the Denver Post for when the needed support doesn’t materialize behind the lame duck governor:

The list of potential Democratic candidates for president seems to grow by the day, so much so that Hickenlooper — who made Hillary Clinton’s shortlist for vice president in 2016 — may not be the only Democrat from Colorado with eyes on the White House. Many of the same Democratic insiders who described Hickenlooper’s thinking said former U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar and current U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet are at least considering a run.

We’re curious as to what exactly the Post means in reporting that Hick may begin his presidential exploration run later his year — a “behind-the-scene effort” they say was “detailed in records” and other interviews.

We would love to know what those records are, and exactly what details they provided that shows Hick is making a serious presidential run, and not just batting his name about to get a new job, anywhere.

And other than idle speculation by party insiders wanting to get their favorite politician’s name in the paper, is there any concrete evidence that Bennet or Salazar will run?

Does the Post even Google how many times they’ve written this crap before discussing whether they should fall for it, again?

Dozens of Democrats from states across the nation are “thinking” about running for president, if for no other reason than to puff up their own self-importance.

Until we see hard evidence or hear an actual declaration from Hick or any other Colorado Democrat to run, we’re chalking this up to mere party self-puffery.