Hancock about to get bookered?We were getting ready to praise Denver City Councilman Rafael Espinoza for having the cojones to do what Democratic Party Chairman Morgan Carroll refuses to do – take the sexual harassment allegations (any of them, for that matter) against Denver Mayor Michael Han(d)cock seriously. Then, last night, the City Council issued a statement following a closed-door meeting that found, meh, an investigation isn’t really necessary.

Why are Democrats protecting Mayor Hancock? Here’s what Espinoza’s original letter to Hancock said:

“To remove the cloud forming over your administration, it is in the best interests of the citizens of Denver that you direct the current city attorney to commission an independent investigation by an outside party, selected by council, to delve into this matter and provide a full accounting. This should be done with all due speed to ensure that voters have clarity (of) the conduct of the person occupying the most powerful office in Denver, before they are asked to consider (in the May 2019 election) whom should occupy that seat.”

We agree. Why not shed a little light into this situation?  Instead the all-Democratic Denver City Council met behind closed doors to discuss CYA the matter. Here is the blah statement they came up with, we assume, during that closed door statement:

“While we strive to be transparent, City Council members cannot comment further on the legal aspects of these matters given the confidentiality requirements. We want the people of Denver to know that at no time prior to the recent media reports were we aware of the texts currently at issue; we learned of them when you did and have been seeking information ever since.”

Weak. Maybe there is a Democrat somewhere, anywhere that will have the guts to take a stand against Hancock. Until Democrats clean up their own mess like Hancock or Rep. Paul Rosenthal, who is accused of touching a campaign staffer inappropriately, they should stop with the hypocrisy of calling for Republicans to remove members.