Democrat Secretary of State candidate Jena Griswold, who marched in the 2018 Women’s March on Denver, loves her some Michael Hancock.  In fact, the social justice warrior contributed to Hancock two times last year, and in spite of being endorsed by Emily’s List, calling 2018 the “year of the woman,” and participating in the Women’s March, she has not asked Hancock to return her donations.

Why wouldn’t Griswold ask Hancock to return the contributions after his texting scandal came to light, confirming long-held suspicions about Hancock’s true view of women?  It’s quite easy: she likes him.  It’s the same reason that Morgan Carroll will not call for an investigation or in any other way hold him accountable for his alleged transgressions (at least not in the way that she’s insisting that Republicans pay).

And this brings up another question: does she really believe in this #MeToo movement that she seeks to derive political capital from?  Again, the answer is easy: she likes it to the extent that she can grasp a quick photograph with supporters and share it online, but when it comes to holding left-wing politicos accountable (other than Lebsock who is a pain in the a$$ for Democrats) for their actions, Griswold is MIA.

It is obvious that Griswold loves political posturing.  She finds time to post to various social media platforms almost daily.  However, she cannot find the time to craft a one paragraph email to the Hancock campaign demanding a return of her donations in light of these recent sexual harassment allegations leveled against the mayor.

Actions speak louder than words.  Griswold can turn a phrase with the best of them, but when it comes to taking a real stand that should be aligned with her public persona and campaign themes, Griswold shows her true colors, and pu$$y hat pink isn’t one of them.