Democrats, independents and Hispanic voters, that’s all a recent poll by the Sierra Club seems to care about and looks to be a thinly disguised efforts to gauge support for the campaign platforms of certain Democratic candidates.

Our bet, it’s for Mike Johnston, or it could be for the benefit of Jared Polis, since the question is a main crux of both candidate’s platform.

We won’t know for sure unless the Sierra Club actually reports that poll as a campaign contribution. We’re not holding our breath.

The memo poll released by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research only shows two loaded questions that were asked:

Some people have proposed that Colorado should set the goal of generating 100 percent of its electricity using clean, renewable energy sources like wind and solar by 2030. Does that sound like something you would support or oppose?”

The results: 68 percent said yes and 25 percent said no, and are broken down by age and whether they are white or Latino.

Why race or ethnicity matters to environmentalists is beyond us. The whole poll reeks of politics rather than environmental concern, and neglects to mention the pipe dream would cost about $45 billion.

Then they get to the crux of the matter in the second question:

“If you knew that one of your local elected officials supported the goal of generating 100 percent of Colorado’s electricity using clean, renewable energy sources, would you be more or less favorable toward that official, or would it make no difference?”

The numbers dropped with 59 percent saying yes — that’s 84 percent of Democrats but only 62 percent of independents.

What did Republicans say? We don’t know, the voter breakdown didn’t bother to tell us because whoever this poll was conducted for, they don’t care.

This was the central message:

“Support for the proposal spikes among Latinos and younger voters, especially those under age 35.”

In other words, even though it’s an outrageously priced endeavor that probably won’t work, putting it on your campaign platform will get you support from Latinos and young voters. Democrat voters, we presume.