Last week, Lucia Guzman, the leader of the Colorado Senate Democrats resigned from her post, citing an inability to work across the aisle (in other words, inability to do her job).  But, then, the term-limited lawmaker mentioned that wants to open up a leadership opportunities for up and coming members of her caucus. For weeks, she has tried to push forward on an expulsion measure against Senator Randy Baumgardner with no success as part of an ill-conceived plot to take back the state Senate for Democrats.  So what does Guzman do?  Quit.  To that we say good riddance.

While she may publicly blame the deadlock that she faced with Republicans on Baumgardner, we’re not so sure that’s the real reason that she abandoned her post mid-session, ahead of some of the most meaningful legislation that will be brought in front of her chamber.

Many are speculating that Guzman has simply lost control of her caucus. Unable to get legislation through, and, more importantly, unable to execute on her grand plan to expel a Republican senator on the heels of the Lesbock ordeal, and seeing no no light at the end of the tunnel (becoming Senate President), she quit.  Quite the example for young girls all over Colorado, right?