When liberal protestors bring an abrupt end to the mayor’s meeting on gentrification by shouting him down over a sex scandal and demanding his resignation, that should be the Democrats’ sign they are fully engulfed in a PR crisis.

The issue of gentrification, after all, is a heated topic among Denver Democrats, who just recently were demanding that Mayor Han(d)cock do something to stop it.

Now they want the city council to stop Hancock.

The Denver Post’s Elizabeth Hernandez was the only journalist covering the collapse of the event, which started before Hancock even took the stage.

Hernandez tweeted that protestors with signs were not allowed into the meeting, but could be heard outside chanting “Sexual harassment is not OK. What does Donald Trump and Hancock have in common? Both sexual harassers.”


Some protestors who surrendered their signs did make it inside, where they stood with tape over their mouths in front of the panel. Others demanded an independent investigation and Hancock’s resignation.

“He’s not a king,” one protestor said.

The city council and Democratic party leaders including Morgan Carroll sure are treating Hancock like a king, sitting on their hands and refusing to investigate the actions while the victim of his harassment stands willing to cooperate fully.

Perhaps the protestors would have better luck if they refocused their ire on city council meetings, and a picket line in front of the Democratic Party’s state headquarters (789 Sherman Street, Suite 110).