On Friday night, Republicans chose Alex “Skinny” Winkler to replace ousted Democratic state Rep. Steve Lebsock. If you recall, PeakNation, Lebsock gave Democrats the middle finger on his way out the door by switching his party registration just before he was voted out, giving Republicans the right to select his successor.

Winkler got the nod after competing against Casey Cole, who came up one vote short in the vacancy committee with 11 votes to Winkler’s 12. Winkler told the Denver Post that he had been involved in the Adams County GOP for some time:

“I’ve been involved in the party for quite awhile. I’ve been a bit of an activist. I was vice chair of Adams County Republicans for a little bit under Steve House. But this will be my first (elected) position.”

Winkler ran unsuccessfully against Lebsock in 2014, losing by about 2,000 votes. He also ran for Adams County Commissioner. Ironically, when the Denver Post asked him whether he would have voted to boot Lebsock, he said he didn’t believe that proper procedure had been followed. Just like his most admired legislator – Rep. Justin Everett.