As the number of petition signatures mounts in the recall election of La Plata County Commissioner Gwen Lachelt, the Democrat environmentalist’s supporters are resorting to theft, vandalism and intimidation tactics against residents and businesses in an attempt to frustrate the process.

We hear the police are quite busy.

First there was this incident, in which Free Range Report says misconduct charges have been filed against this desperately petty woman.

Twice she ran into a downtown business, Kelly’s Cowboy Company, to grab the petition gathering sign from the window. She tore it up and fled on the first run and was caught on video a few hours later when she tried to do the same to the replacement sign.

The store had collected 75 signatures, all 7,500 signatures are due on Friday.

Recall supporters have reported that incidents of verbal abuse and intimidation have escalated as the March 30 deadline for the petition campaign nears. Dave Peters, one of the recall organizers explained, “There have been several times where people have come into Kelly’s Cowboy Company and cursed them out then slammed the doors. Last week the paid ‘Decline to sign’ people were in front of her store and didn’t leave after they we told they were on private property. The police responded and they moved.”

Lachelt’s environmental lackeys have also threatened to boycott businesses who support her recall and are spreading misleading fliers to discourage participation.

Lachelt’s desperation is a sure sign she is soon out the door as county commissioner. We hope someone gets video of her fleeing that scene.