Finally, the federal government is saying “no” to using our public property for idiotic liberal experiments, though usually of the environmental kind.

This time it’s for what amounts to a two-year tent city for the homeless at 6th Avenue and Union Boulevard in Lakewood.

The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless wanted to use large tents, geodesic domes and trailers on the property, not much of a step-up from shelters already in use by the homeless. Eventually, the plan was for five, four-story buildings to house 1,000.

Clustering a giant pool of truly needy folks along with drug addicts, alcoholics, mentally ill and criminals seemed like a swell idea to everyone except the surrounding community and the federal landlords.

Turns out the feds have other plans for the property, which they plan to announce at a later date.

It’s located in a business district, so locating a business there would probably be a step in the right direction.