In an attempt to pile on the Cambridge Analytica “controversy” (which wasn’t a controversy at all), loser Democratic state Senate candidate Judy Solano may have revealed too much, according to a Denver Post article. Here’s what Solano told the Post about her 2014 defeat:

“I was told all along, ‘You’re fine, Judy, everything looks good.’ And then wow,” Solano said in an interview. “But it was a tough year for Democrats generally, so it’s tough to tell how much influence came from money and other places.”

Exactly who told you that “everything looks good”? If it was her campaign, nobody would have needed to “tell” her anything. Her statement begs the question – was Solano illegally coordinating with outside money sources, like a 527 or PAC? Did they share polling? Did they share any other resource that had a monetary value?

Any coordination between Solano and a PAC or 527 helping her get elected is a big no-no and should have resulted in a campaign finance violation.

Who exactly was giving Solano updates on her race?