You may recall PeakNation™, last year, the outdoor products company Patagonia pissed off a slice of its customer base by making reckless accusations about federal land management policies, stupidly announcing “The President Stole Your Land.”  Even today their home page is dominated by a full screen ad for “Patagonia Action Works,” that shows angry protesters holding clenched fist signs, and others announcing “Don’t Frack with Us.”

While the loudmouths at Patagonia are screaming hysterically about the evils of fracking, it is interesting to note that they are still selling hundreds of products where hydrocarbons are key ingredients.

To point out the massive disconnect between Patagonia’s PR machine and the manufacturing operation that is the lifeblood of the company, created a list of nine ways that Patagonia actually loves fracking. Some of our favorites:

  • Tossing around the $10 Patagonia logo disk would be impossible “without fracking, even if it’s made from 15% recycled materials (bless their heart).”
  • “Nylon sleeping bags are a must have fro camping under the stars. Recycled or not, nylon’s history can be traced back to the well pad.”
  • The hydrophilic laminate in fly fishing waters works because of polyurethane, which is derived from natural gas liquids.

Whether Patagonia is using electricity to power its online store, hydrocarbons in countless products, or diesel to transport goods to market, the company is a massive consumer of oil and gas products.  Hopefully their more environmentally aware customers will get a clue and start calling them out for the hypocrites that they truly are.