Democratic candidate Cary Kennedy boldly predicted to the Denver Post she’ll win 50 percent of the delegates to secure a slot on the ballot for governor when the state assembly meets in less than three weeks.

So, of course they ran a story on it based on nothing but her word, along with a new poll they say backs it up. But doesn’t, really.

What that Magellan Strategies poll shows is Kennedy in third place to U.S. Rep. Jared Polis in the gubernatorial race.

Undecideds actually have a commanding lead in the poll with 36 percent.

Here’s the breakdown:

36 percent Undecided

27 percent Jared Polis

23 percent Cary Kennedy

8 percent Mike Johnston

5 percent Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne

The Johnston campaign claims to be “excited” about the results in which they were panned by 92 percent of Democratic voters. That alone puts them solidly in the lead for winning the “Worst, Spin, Ever” of this year’s campaign.