We don’t mean to spoil the surprise, but the Denver City Council has been stalling all along on a sexual harassment investigation of Mayor Hancock, saving it for an April Fool’s joke.

How else to explain that the issue first surfaced in February, but the council has been dragging its feet with excuses, promising a decision numerous times in the past several weeks?

Here’s this week’s excuses:

Council president Albus Brooks said the council would release a statement on Wednesday with any new information about the request, but that did not happen as the city dealt with a software bug that infected city websites and other services throughout the day.

On Thursday, a spokesperson for the Denver City Council said members still needed more time … “We do not expect to come to any conclusions until next week at the earliest.”

Unless there’s a software program we were not aware of out there that determines if a mayor can be investigated for sexual harassment, we’re going to call bull$h!t on this one.

It’s become painfully obvious that even if the council does decide before the 2019 election they can and should investigate, their credibility to do so is completely shot.

Their actions, or lack thereof, have made that clear.