While Nancy Pelosi’s chosen candidate for CD-6, Jason Crow, has been picking off establishment endorsements lately (has Crow actually moved into the district yet?), Levi Tillemann, the grassroots favorite for the nomination isn’t about to go quietly into that goodnight.

Sure, old school Democrats Ken Salazar and Ed Perlmutter already have lined up behind Crow, but prominent Colorado State Senator Rhonda Fields gave her endorsement to Tillemann, in what is shaping up to be one of the most contentious primary contests in the state.  As a state senator from Aurora, the Fields endorsement carries extra weight in a district anchored by the most populous Denver suburb.

In addition to Fields’ glowing endorsement, calling Tillemann “energetic” and “hard working,” she said that it was his campaign with the ability to mobilize the grassroots community to win the general election against Mike Coffman in November.  She also introduced the candidate to the Arapahoe County Democratic Assembly.

Tillemann works in the renewable energy industry, and served as a bureaucrat in the Obama Administration.  Crow is a lawyer at a downtown Denver law firm.

The 6th CD assembly is on April 12 for Democrats, and Tillemann will try to access the ballot by both petition and through the assembly. We assume Crow will skip the Assembly, again, snubbing the grassroots.