Former state Sen. Mike Johnston is running for governor of Colorado and he wants his candidacy to inspire and transcend politics.   Every word, every email, every bathroom break in this man’s life is profound – got it?

Mike Johnston doesn’t just ask you for money like every other candidate in the race – he moves your soul to want to donate.

Mike Johnston doesn’t just visit all 64 counties like every other candidate in the race – his campaign is “a whirlwind romance that sweeps you off your feet and eliminates all sense of space and time.”  (Seriously, he said that.)

Mike Johnston’s campaign videos are worthy of Oscars, okay?

Mike Johnston’s Instagram is chock full of his nauseatingly cute family, and it’s enough to make anyone feel bad, because whose kids are that cute and adoring all the time?  (No one’s, the answer is no one’s.)

And whatever 20-something follows Mike Johnston around with an iPhone and does his social media is a pro at capturing that twinkle in his eye every. single. time. It’s all so magical.

Now, if only Johnston could poll above the single digits….