Construction can begin this summer on the Interstate 70 widening project through northeast Denver, in spite of a bogus lawsuit field by the Sierra Club arguing the project would cripple the health of nearby neighbors.

It’s hard to take this lawsuit seriously, because the Sierra Club along with all of the Big Green Group’s have an enormous credibility gap when it comes to any issue involving progress or growth that conflicts with their politics.

Whether it’s energy, ranching, housing or business construction, and now road building, the Sierra Club is against it, because progress.

If this widening project was just to allow bicycle lanes, walking paths or electric and hybrid cars, we wouldn’t hear a peep from the Sierra Club.

Yes, road construction is messy, dusty and inconvenient, but we’ve built millions of miles of pavement over the century without mass casualties caused by dust particles.

We fear this new trend by so-called environmentalists to block needed road construction here and in other states has become just another fundraising campaign for them to raise millions of dollars from their members to continue paying themselves enormous salaries. All in the name of saving the planet.

Building and maintaining roads isn’t just for our daily commute to work or to move tourists through the state —roads are also needed to transport food, that you know, keeps people alive.