Yesterday, the Democratic Sixth Congressional District Assembly put both Jason Crow and Levi Tillemann (Dick) on the primary ballot. Crow got top line with 64.4 percent of the vote and Tillemann (Dick) eked on with 35.5 percent. The threshold for getting on the ballot was 30 percent; although, Tillemann (Dick) also submitted petitions and, thus, technically only needed 10 percent to remain on the ballot. Candidates who receive less than 10 percent are not permitted to petition on the ballot.

While Tillemann (Dick) was elated, this had to be disappointing to the Crow campaign. Obviously, Crow, who maybe now lives in the district, but maybe not, would have preferred not to have a primary. Had Tillemann (Dick) not received above the 30-plus percent to make the ballot, it would have been a reputational hit to his campaign and called into question his campaign’s viability, even if he was still able to make the ballot via petition.

The fact that Tillemann (Dick) survived another day means that Crow will have a bloody primary on his hands. Despite the anti-Trump flames that Democrats are fanning, the truth is that no matter who emerges from this primary to face Coffman, he will have a tough time taking him down.