St. Obama, patron saint of scandal-free presidencies? Not exactly.

Today, the House Transportation and Energy Committee passed House Joint Resolution 1016, a resolution that would name the stretch of I-25 that runs through Denver the “Barack Obama Highway.” State Rep. Dan Pabon, most recently known for his drunk driving escapades, praised the vote in a statement, saying:

“[Obama] will be remembered for his dignity, poise, and the lack of scandal. He will be remembered for his leadership and aptitude. And perhaps most of all, he will be remembered for his unwavering commitment to the office he held and the profound example he set.”

Hahahahahaha. Let us catch our breath. Hahahahaha. Obama? Scandal free? Hardly. A quick refresher on a few of Obama’s scandals, courtesy of the Heritage Foundation.

  • Hillary Clinton’s State Department Email Scandal
  • Operation Fast and Furious, during which the Obama administration lost track of thousands of guns it had allowed to pass into smugglers’ hands. Ooops.
  • IRS’ targeting of conservative groups
  • Um, anyone remember Benghazi? We know you do, President Mrs. Clinton.
  • Hacking of the Office of Personnel Management, which exposed the personal information of thousands of government employees
  • Veterans Affairs – just everything

Of all the people who should be able to recognize a scandal, we’d think Pabon would. Look, name the highway after Obama. Who cares? But let’s not perpetuate this myth that Obama was some kind of saint. He wasn’t, and Pabon should know better.