The campaign to yank La Plata Commissioner Gwen Lachelt from her seat is the recall effort that will never die.

Organizers have been given yet a second reprieve to collect the required signatures, and boy is Lachelt pissed.

Clerk and Recorder Tiffany Parker finished verifying the petitions this week and said the usual 15 percent were rendered invalid because of duplicative signers, addresses that didn’t match, the usual reasons for tossing signatures.

That left recall organizer short more than 2,030 signers to get the recall on he ballot.

But wait, there’s more. The petitions were already short 1,100 signatures when originally handed in weeks ago, but organizers got an initial 15 days to keep collecting signers while the petitions were verified.

That time is up, but Parker says they get yet another 15 days to get all the signatures needed that were thrown out and still short — an additional month combined.

The Durango Herald says there is an unusual provision in Colorado law that allows recall supporters a 15-day period to collect more signatures after the verification to try to correct any deficiencies.

Like we said, Lachelt is pissed and she’s threatening to challenge the clerk.

The Herald didn’t say whether the challenge was to a duel, a lawsuit, or a battle of wits.

We’re hoping for a cage match. Our money is on Parker.